Sleight of Hand

A Graduate Collection

Sleight of Hand is a range of interactive textiles that seeks to rejuvenate the tactile sense in this technologically advanced world. This collection evokes our childish wonders and curiosities, finding the joy in visual discovery and bringing us back to using our hands in a physical space.

In my project, it is the sensual touch that activates the visual element. Only through tactile engagement will the visual experience unveil itself. Revolving patterns intertwine and unravel with each mesmerising rotation. In my project I wanted to heighten the aspect of play by getting the viewer physically interacting with the work. It wasn’t just about creating work to be seen aesthetically but I also wanted the users to feel a connection, a relationship between skin sensation and object, where the viewer could actually become part of the work. My interactive textiles are a platform for viewers to not only be onlookers but be active participants in influencing the overall design.

At first glance, when the ombre three metre long fabric is laid flat, it looks like it would drape like any other material but once the beautiful hand-dyed fabric is scrunched, the fabric morphs, giving life to intricate geometric patterns that appear and alter the fabrics behaviour.

Also part of the collection are thermochromic coordinates where surface pattern on the fabric is transformed by the warmth from the users hand. The heat reacts to the print paste, revealing illustration from beneath the dark surface. This excites their inner curiosity, inviting users to explore the tactile surface and to keep discovering the patterns hidden under the thermochromic ink. I wanted to emphasize the value of embodied experiences where they can feel, play, and experience the magic unfold for themselves right before their eyes.

Awarded the Resene Colour Award for Excellent use of Colour in Textiles.

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